Mission, Vision and Values

The MISSION is our motive or reason for being.

The VISION is the objectives we want to achieve.

The VALUES define our behaviour and the way we work to achieve our vision.


At Academia Puerta Real, we are a private educational centre whose main purpose since its origins has been to offer academic training services, with the students as the cornerstone of our project and based on the following premises:


Providing our students with all the necessary tools so that they can achieve their educational goals.


We are aware that the basis of the success of any company lies in a prepared staff, with experience, empathy and commitment to their work. For this reason, we select our teaching staff with these attitudes and aptitudes in mind.


In order to guide our students safely and transparently towards their goals, our administrative structure has the ideal staff in terms of knowledge and experience. We understand the importance of knowing how to focus and direct students correctly so that they can reach their goals effectively.


In Academia Puerta Real we teach support classes for:

  • Middle and Highschool
  • Access to Formative Cycles of Medium and Superior Degree
  • Selectividad, preparation for University Access, both for national students (PEvAU) and for students coming from International Baccalaureates (EBAU by UNEDassis)
  • University Access for over 25 and 45 year olds
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language courses (DELE)
  • English courses to certify levels from A2 to C1 by Cambridge
  • French courses to certify levels B1 and B2 by Alliance Française
  • Examinations for Assistants to Penitentiary Institutions, Local and National Police


We work to train people to achieve their academic goals, always respecting their ethnic, religious, ideological, cultural, gender and identity diversity.


Offering both students and teaching staff the latest in technological means. Our main goal is for them to enjoy an education that combines the best of traditional teaching with the most advanced digital tools and techniques.


Constant updating, both in terms of syllabus and resources, with the aim of adapting our training to the latest guidelines and orientations for each test..

Didactic material

Prepared in-house by our teaching team, as well as the supply of textbooks from the most prestigious publishers.


We are aware of the current economic situation, so we seek to offer our classes at affordable prices with the mission to reach as many students as possible who need the services of Academia Puerta Real.


We are aware that the discipline and formality required in teaching must be carried out in an environment of good atmosphere and empathy, as these are conditions that contribute positively to the satisfaction and maximise the performance of our students.


Since our beginnings, at Academia Puerta Real we have set out to be a REFERENCE TEACHING CENTRE in the province of GRANADA, through the fulfilment of three main objectives: to be the first in RESULTS, QUALITY and PRICE.

Academia Puerta Real is constantly striving for excellence. To achieve this, in addition to providing students with all the necessary tools and resources, both the teaching staff and the centre are always involved in constant evolution, training and certification activities. For this reason, it is essential to be aware of the guidelines and orientations of each of the courses we organize through lectures, training courses and the compilation of new developments that constantly arise in the educational field, as well as the adhesion, as far as possible, to the entities that organise the tests we prepare or entities that can facilitate this work.

Academia Puerta Real is an Official Collaborating Centre of UNEDassis for the preparation of university entrance exams for students coming from foreign or international baccalaureate courses.

materiales selectividad andalucia

In the Selectividad exams (PEvAU) every year, our students obtain excellent marks, gaining access to university degrees whose cut-off marks tend to be high, as is the case of Medicine, Nursing or Dentistry. For example, in the 2023 exams, two of our students obtained the highest marks in the province in these university entrance exams, as well as in previous years, one or two students usually achieve similar marks in Granada.

Likewise, our students usually get their place through the Access courses to Formative Cycles of Medium and Superior Degree, as well as Access to University for over 25/45 year olds that we offer.

We hold the title of PREMIUM Preparation Centre by Cambridge AssessmentEnglish, due to both our track record and the volume and high pass rate of our students.

Year after year, our DELF B1 and DELF B2 French exam candidates achieve a 100% pass rate.

We do not yet want to talk about the results of the preparation of oppositions because we have a short trajectory, but only in the case of Local Police Examinations, during this 2023 5 of our opponents have obtained their places in Granada, Seville, Andújar and Algeciras. This shows the quality of our trainers due to these promising results.

cursos par acceder a la universidad sin selectividad

According to the quality and management of our services, we have the international certificate ISO9001:2015 by the prestigious certification body AENOR.

For these reasons, our motto is “Come to Academia Puerta Real and you will achieve it”.

For some years now, due to the global situation of today’s society, as well as the incorporation of the latest technological tools at the service of education, Academia Puerta Real has had its own development platform, whose slogan is “in class but from home” and that together with the latest generation of interactive screens in all our classrooms, allow us to bring our training to both national and international students.

For this last reason, and in order to promote our brand abroad, Academia Puerta Real is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Granada, with the aim of continuing to grow with the support of this entity.

Our values

At Academia Puerta Real, we consider our ethical and professional values to be inalienable. These values guide our work at all times and identify us as a serious, coherent and transparent educational institution:


We are firmly positioned in favour of the values of responsibility, tolerance and respect for the rights and duties of all members of the educational community. Academia Puerta Real does everything possible to guarantee the protection and defence of its students, teachers and other school staff.


With the firm intention of maximising the potential of our students, the centre will make every effort to provide and offer the students all the educational tools available.


Effort, teamwork, constant evolution, spirit of self-improvement and creativity on the part of the centre’s staff in order to achieve the success of our students and to face difficulties.

Critical spirit

We are aware that there is always room for improvement; therefore, we take into account and constantly gather all the available elements of judgement, in order to improve our work methodology, improve coexistence, resolve conflicts and achieve leadership in the education sector.


The introduction of new technologies has brought to education new ways of approaching the teaching-learning process, evolving towards a more active training. To this end, it is essential to constantly analyse the situation and implementation of digital tools, both software and hardware, taking into account four fundamental elements to achieve success: people, knowledge, processes and technology.

Empathy and good environment

In order to enrich the experience and enhance the knowledge of our students, the team of the centre facilitates, as much as possible, an empathetic, familiar and close environment in their classrooms.


For us training does not consist of teaching a person something they did not know, but making them into a person who did not exist.

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