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What is SIELE?

The exam (International Service for the Evaluation of the Spanish Language) is a certificate that accredits the degree of proficiency in the Spanish language. Said certificate is issued once the candidate has taken the corresponding official exam.

Many Spanish universities require their students to be in possession of an official Spanish certificate to access or obtain undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Depending on the university, the required level is different, with the most requested levels being B1 and B2.

If you need to prove your level of Spanish in a short term, this is the best option for you.

The SIELE exam is the best option to prove your level of Spanish in a short space of time.

Academia Puerta Real is an authorized center for registration and examination.

These are the score levels of the SIELE tests according to their correlation with the levels of the CEFR. Click “here” to download it.

Aimed at professionals and students from the five continents, SIELE is recognized by leading international organizations in education and languages.

SIELE is promoted by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires. This guarantees quality standards and good practices in the preparation of the tests. And also the use of different linguistic varieties of the Hispanic world.

SIELE exam tests

The SIELE exam consists of four tests, which correspond to the four skills of the Spanish language:

The qualifications of each test have as reference the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) of the Council of Europe.

What is the difference between SIELE and DELE?

In order to help you choose which of the two options best suits your needs, we show you a comparative table with the differences between the two, as well as their advantages and disadvantages:

DescriptionSpanish proficiency diploma at CEFR level (A1-C2)Certificate of knowledge of Spanish on a point scale with equivalences to levels A1-C1 of the CEFR
OwnershipMinistry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain. The Instituto Cervantes has held the academic, economic and administrative direction since 2002Cervantes Institute, UniversityNational Autonomous of Mexico, University of Salamanca, University of Buenos Aires
Managed from19892016
OriginSpainSpain, Mexico and Argentina
ValidityIndefiniteFive years
International recognitioninternational recognition inregulated educational systems (for example, Brazil, France, Italy), institutions, companies, universities... In Spain: Spanish nationality, MIR, FIR, etc.International recognition of SIELE higher education institutions
Head of administrative managementand commercialCervantes InstituteTechnological and marketing company awarded: Telefónica Educación Digital
RecipientsELE and L2, schoolchildren, youth and adultsELE, L2 and L1, young people and adults
Method of administrationIn exam centers, on paper, through international callsIn exam centers, on the computer,and through an appointment system. Progressively some tests will have an adaptive character (CL and CA).
Network of centers ofexamMore than a thousand exam centers in more than a hundred countries on five continentsThe network currently has about a thousand examination centers around the world. The incorporation of new centers is continuous, so it is advisable to visit the
Integration of varietiesfrom SpanishYes, especially from B1Yes, compulsorily, throughout the exam from its conception
No. of exams andlevelsSix exams for adult audiences: A1 - C2. Two school exams: A1-A2/B1An exam for an adult audience that includes tasks from A1 to C1
Tests of the examReading comprehension. Auditive comprehension. Written expression and interaction. Oral expression and interaction.Reading comprehension. Auditive comprehension. Written expression and interaction. Oral expression and interaction.
Information about the resultPass or fail on the mastery of the level of which the candidate is examinedResult of knowledge of Spanish expressed on a thousand-point scale with equivalence to CEFR levels
Type of certificate that is issuedElectronic qualification certification with official validity Official diploma for suitable candidatesCertificate (complete exam) or Report (only some test/s) of results, depending on the contracted modality
Communication ofresultsabout two monthsmaximum three weeks

What are the SIELE exams like?


It is the most complete to certify your level of Spanish, it is a single exam, it consists of four tests with a fixed order (CL,CA,EIE,EIO) and lasts 3 hours with a 15-minute break.

This certificate includes:

  • The score obtained in each of the tests, with a maximum score of 250 points in each of them and its equivalence with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(MERC)
  • The overall score of the complete exam with a score from 0 to 1000, this being the sum of the four tests.


Reading comprehensionlistening comprehensionWritten expression and interactionOral expression and interaction
No. of tasks and questions5 tasks with a total of 38 questions6 tasks with a total of 38 questions2 tasks5 tasks
Type of questionsQuestions formulated with texts that must be answered by selecting the correct optionsQuestions voiced and answered by selecting the correct optionsQuestions formulated through texts and answered in writingQuestions formulated through text and locution, and answered orally through a recording system
Duration60 minutes55 minutes50 minutes15 minutes
rating typeautomaticautomaticManual by SIELE linguistic expertsManual by SIELE linguistic experts
Maximum score250 points250 points250 points250 points
ResultsIn relation In relation to CEFR levelsIn relation to CEFR levelsIn relation to CEFR levelsIn relation to CEFR levels

Independent exams

In addition to the SIELE Global, there are four other exam modalities that combine the different specific tests.

How to prepare SIELE?

The SIELE exam can be prepared independently or through official online courses, where the exam system and the different tests that comprise it are disclosed.

You can then consult the contents to prepare for the SIELE exam at the following links:

If you need more information, access the following link:

SIELE exam dates

Whenever there is availability, our students will be able to choose the date on which they want to take their SIELE exam, for this, we only need to notify us three days in advance.

documentos para homologar el bachiller en España

Price of SIELE exams

Our long-term courses include the SIELE GLOBAL exam fee at the end of them, so we recommend that you find out in the sections What is included? and What is not included? thereof.

The price of the SIELE exam does not vary depending on the level at which you take the exam, since you will obtain a certificate or a report of the level you have obtained.

Global SIELE: €155
ONLINE preparation course €50

Independent modalities:

  • S1 exam: €55. Online preparation course: €35
  • S2 exam: €75. Online preparation course: €35
  • S3 exam: €100. Online preparation course: €35
  • S4 exam: €75. Online preparation course: €35
  • S5 exam: €100. Online preparation course: €35


cursos par acceder a la universidad sin selectividad

You can register in person or electronically:

  • In person: you must bring your valid identity document, choose the type of exam and pay for it in cash, by credit/debit card or by bank transfer.
  • Telematically: in this case, prior attention by phone (958 26 11 59 – 615 83 43 65) or email (, you will have to send us your valid identity document, as well as the selected exam and supporting document payment by transfer to our account number.

These are our Spanish teachers

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