Refund policy

The Academia Puerta Real cancellation conditions are as follows:

  • All course reservation cancellations must be based on fully justified reasons, accident or illness of the student or their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, work reasons or other exceptional circumstances, which prevent the student from following the normal course. classes.
  • The notice of cancellation must be received at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing (e-mail or letter). Academia Puerta Real has to confirm receipt. The date of receipt will be taken into account and not the date of the sending.
  • All courses will be held on the scheduled dates as long as there is a minimum of four confirmed students. Otherwise, the student will be offered a refund of the amount paid and, if desired, the option to enroll in another course with a different start date and time.
  • Students of the Intensive Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  Course will be refunded the full amount of the reserve in case of failing 2nd year of Baccalaureate and not being able to take the Selectivity.
  • Students of the Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  Course for Foreigners will be refunded the amount of the course minus €400 in administrative expenses and legal services inherent to the contracted service.
  • In the event of cancellation of the course due to the impossibility of the centre to carry it out or other causes of force majeure, natural catastrophes, physical or personal risk to the student both for the reception of the classes or their travel (cataclysms, state of war, national alarm, etc.) the student will have the right to request a full refund of the amount paid or to change the date of the course.

Reasons for refusal of STUDENT VISA:

Those students who, despite complying with the documentation and other necessary requirements to obtain the student VISA, have been denied it, may request a refund by sending a copy of the letter of refusal.

Academia Puerta Real is committed to such a refund in this case as long as your visa has been processed under the supervision of our specialized immigration lawyer Rocío Valero, whose services are offered free of charge to our center.

The amount of the refund will be subtracted from the days that have elapsed since the beginning of the course, period in which the student will be able to receive their classes online.

Students of the Spanish for Foreigners (ELE) program who cancel their enrollment (according to the acceptable conditions described above) will receive a refund of the course reservation minus bank transfer fees. In the event that the cancellation of the course is ordered by the center (due to force majeure), students will receive a full refund of the reservation and the bank transfer costs will be borne by the center.