Puerta Real Academy: academy par excellence in the preparation of Selectividad in Granada

We are a teaching center with a long history and we have academies in Malaga: Academia Avenida Andalucía, Córdoba: Academia Cruz Conde, and Murcia: Academia Alba. We have been in Andalusia for more than 30 years, offering specific courses for the preparation of University entrance exams.

+30 years of experience in the sector

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+10% of students from Granada trust us every year for their university entrance exams


Qualified teachers, with a great deal of experience and proven results

We are also a reference in support classes for E.S.O. and Bachillerato, Access to Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles, Access to University for Over 25 and 45 year olds, and Selectividad by UNED.

As for language preparation,

-We offer ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) courses and we are a SIELE center for the Cervantes Institute.

-Due to our experience and results, we are recognised as a PREMIUM Preparation Centre by Cambridge Assessment English, an exam center and enrolment center, and we are part of the prestigious Exams Andalucía.

-We also teach French for the DELF B1 and DELF B2 certificates from Alliance Française.

Academia Puerta Real also offers classes for the Local and National Police and Penitentiary Institution Assistants examinations.

In all our courses, we elaborate exclusive didactic material according to the guidelines and orientations of each test.

Meet the team at Puerta Real Academy

All our teaching staff are qualified, experienced and have proven results.
We have a wide range of timetables and are located in the centre of Granada.

Come to Academia Puerta Real and you will achieve it!