We advise all our students and collaborators to carefully read the following information and general conditions when enrolling at Centro De Formación Acera Del Darro S.L.U with CIF B90104118, hereinafter, Academia Puerta Real.


Registration can be done in the following ways:

  • In person at our center: Calle Acera del Darro number 2, 3rd Floor, Granada.
  • By email through our email:
  • Through our website: Only for students of the Intensive Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  course.

1.1 Enrollment in the different courses:

ESO and BACCALAUREATE support classes: it is necessary to pay a registration fee of €30 in addition to the corresponding month’s fee. In the event that said month has already begun, the fee will be prorated according to the remaining days.

Access to Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles and University Access Course for Seniors over 25 and 45 years of age: a registration fee of €30 must be paid plus the corresponding month’s fee. In the event that said month has already begun, the fee will be prorated according to the remaining days. All the classes of these courses are recorded, and are subsequently uploaded to the Academia Puerta Real platform during the two weeks following their broadcast. All the classes of these courses will be recorded and will be uploaded to the Center’s platform during the two weeks following their broadcast.

If the student signs up after the beginning of the courses, they will be able to access both the didactic material and all the classes issued by paying 50% of the fee for each of the months they have not attended.

Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  Courses: it is necessary to pay a deposit of €50 which will later be deducted from the Intensive Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  Course. All the classes of these courses are recorded, and are subsequently uploaded to the Academia Puerta Real platform during the two weeks following their broadcast. All the classes of these courses will be recorded and will be uploaded to the Center’s platform during the two weeks following their broadcast.

If the student signs up after the beginning of these, they will be able to access both the didactic material and all the classes issued by paying 50% of the fee for each of the months that they have not attended.

UNED Selectividad (university entrance exam for students)  and Spanish Course for Foreigners: it is necessary to pay the total amount because these courses entail a series of additional services, such as legal advice for obtaining the student VISA by our lawyer specialized in Immigration; advice on student accommodation; carrying out activities and Trips in the province of Granada; enrollment in different tests such as the PCE (Specific Competence Tests) of UNEDassis for access to Spanish universities or in the DELE Spanish language certification tests of the Instituto Cervantes to accredit the level of Spanish, as well as the management of registration in any of the Spanish universities to the Degree that the student wishes to access according to their results.

English and French language courses: it is necessary to pay the first four monthly payments in a single payment of €269 or in two payments of €138. From the fourth month, students will be able to pay the corresponding monthly fee, which is €69.

In all cases, to complete the registration, it is necessary to log in to the Academia Puerta Real platform and accept both the RULES OF THE CENTER and consent to the processing of the student’s data by the center, as required by the protection regulations. in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (RGPD), as well as the provisions of national regulations on this matter.

1.2 Registration of minors

The authorization of the father, mother or legal guardian is necessary to be able to enroll in any of the Academia Puerta Real courses, and it is their obligation to provide the center with the required information well in advance.

1.3 Payment methods

Payments can be made through the following ways:

Bank transfer indicating the name of the student and course:

  • Entity: BANCO SANTANDER   
  • Account number: ES88 0075 3167 8606 0505 1859
  • Concept: student name course

When using this means of payment, it is essential to send proof of said transfer by email.

In case of making payments through banking means, the expenses generated by them are borne by the issuer. Academia Puerta Real will always send the corresponding bank receipt.

Credit card (Visa, Master Card). Card payment conditions:

Academia Puerta Real will not apply any surcharge to any type of card, whether from the European Union or from outside our territory, regardless of whether the currency of said payment is in Euros or in another currency.

In cash: Registration can be made at the reception of the Center as long as the amount is not equal to or greater than €1,000, in accordance with Law 11/2021, of July 9, on prevention measures and the fight against tax fraud. .


For those students who need to apply for a student VISA to carry out their course, Academia Puerta Real will issue the following documentation so that the student, always under the supervision of our immigration specialist lawyer, can manage the processing thereof:

  • Letter of Invitation
  • Tuition
  • Curriculum 
  • Payment letter
  • acceptance letter
  • If necessary: ​​Certificate of accommodation and/or Certificate of delay.

To do this, students must:

  • Send duly completed and signed the Letter of Acceptance of Conditions Registration Form.
  • Provide a copy of your valid passport.
  • Have paid in full for the course.

In case of refusal of the visa, a copy of the original refusal will be required for any refund (see cancellation conditions).


Each course has a duration and scheduled weekly class hours, which can be consulted in the corresponding section of the Academia Puerta Real website (

All the teachers at Academia Puerta Real have experience, proven results and are highly qualified according to the diversity of courses taught at the center.

Prior to the corresponding level test, and with the objective that students maximize their results, the groups and classes are organized by levels.

All courses will take place on the scheduled dates as long as there is a minimum of four confirmed students. In this case, the schedule of classes and groups will be prepared according to the volume of students enrolled.

The schedules of the classes and the professors who teach them are subject to the availability of the Center and to possible changes during the courses. Students will not be able to choose. However, Academia Puerta Real will respond to requests in this regard and will try to adapt to the time availability of the students as far as possible.

3.1 Academic calendar and holidays.

Academia Puerta Real is regulated by the academic calendar set by the Delegation of Education and Science of the province of Granada and by the guidelines established by the Non-Regulated Education Agreement.

Said calendar is provided to all students at the time of registration or request for prior information.

Classes are taught in the morning or afternoon, from Monday to Saturday, except holidays.

Spanish Labor Laws stipulate that if public holidays is on a Sunday, this public holiday will pass to the following Monday 

The center does not do bridges, so the day between holidays and/or weekends is school.

Holiday classes are not made up and money is not refunded.

The prices of the courses are fixed regardless of the month considered, since it is an annual average, calculated according to the academic calendar.

Students who withdraw for this reason will lose the deposit and must pay it again for readmission to the center.


Academia Puerta Real will provide students with all the didactic material of its own preparation necessary for the completion of the courses, as well as recommend the purchase of any other teaching material that is considered appropriate.

4.1 Library.

Academia Puerta Real offers its students, on loan, books and complementary material from its library.

For this, those interested will only have to communicate it at reception.


Academia Puerta Real collaborates with high-quality student residences and professional real estate agencies.

If requested, all the information related to the accommodation will be provided and, if necessary, the contract will be managed with it to issue the corresponding accommodation certificate, if necessary.


Academia Puerta Real cancellation conditions are as follows:

  • All course reservation cancellations must be based on fully justified reasons.
  • The cancellation notice must be received at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing (e-mail or letter). Academia Puerta Real has to confirm the receipt. The date of the receipt will be taken into account and not the date of the sending.

6.1. Visas:

Those students who, despite complying with the documentation and other necessary requirements to obtain the student VISA, have been denied it, may request a refund by sending a copy of the letter of refusal.

Academia Puerta Real is committed to such a refund in this case as long as your visa has been processed under the supervision of our specialized immigration lawyer Rocío Valero, whose services are offered free of charge to our center.

The amount of the refund will be subtracted from the days that have elapsed since the beginning of the course, period in which the student will be able to receive their classes online.


7.1 Postponement of the course:

If for reasons inherent to the processing of the student VISA or when there are reasons of force majeure (serious illness of the student or of a direct line relative – father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister) that prevent the student from starting the course on the scheduled dates, the latter must prove said causes by means of the appropriate supporting documents. In these cases, the participant can postpone the rest of the course (with a minimum of one week) up to a maximum of 12 months from the first date. The payments that you have made related to the course will be respected in their entirety, and you must only pay the difference, in case the prices have changed from the moment you signed up.

In these circumstances, Academia Puerta Real also has the necessary tools for the student to fully receive the content of the course in which they are enrolled, and it is the intention of the center to apply them so that they reach the level necessary to keep up with class from their peers, through classes and extra support that are appropriate.

If the case so requires, the Center will issue the corresponding Certificate of Delay if necessary.

7.2 Change of course:

If, once the course has started, the student wishes to change from the one initially contracted to another, said modification will be possible as long as the following circumstances are met:

  • The course to which the student wishes to join must be currently being taught at the Center and have the minimum number of participants required before the aforementioned incorporation.
  • The duration of the course must be the same as that of the contracted in the first instance.
  • The cost cannot be less than that of the contracted in the first instance. If it is higher, the student must pay the difference.
  • To proceed with the change, it must be allowed by the Department of Studies and the Directorate of the Academia Puerta Real .
  • The student cannot have made another change earlier in the course. Students may request a maximum of two modifications.

7.3 At the end of the course:

The center will issue, if required, the corresponding Certificate of Achievement as long as the student has attended classes regularly and with dedication and interest during the academic year, thus achieving the learning objectives established by Academia Puerta Real for the course in which has enrolled.


If a student behaves badly, disrespects a classmate, teacher, etc., breaks the rules of the academy, in class or in common areas of our center, they will be informed by the Department of Studies or the Academia Puerta Real Management, verbally and in writing of the consequences that may result. If said behavior is not corrected after a first warning, the expulsion process will be initiated by the center if necessary and according to current legislation.

In case of breaking any local, national or international law during the stay at Academia Puerta Real, the appropriate measures will be adopted according to the seriousness of the incident. The expulsion of a student implies the loss of the right to a refund of any kind. All expenses (compensation, fines, etc.) incurred will be borne by the student and, in the case of minors, by their parents or legal guardians.


Academia Puerta Real carries out continuous monitoring of each of the courses and students, establishing periodic quality surveys for this purpose, and making a suggestion box available to our students that can be accessed from the center’s own platform. In addition, the academy has the necessary procedures so that any problem that may arise during the course is solved as soon as possible. The participant could in any case communicate their complaints to the center verbally or in writing.

In the case of not reaching a full agreement between both parties (school and student):

  • The matter can be submitted to the Consumer Arbitration Board of the Granada City Council.
  • The school also has official Complaint Sheets from the Junta de Andalucía available to anyone who requires it at the secretariat, which, by law, must be available to the client in all public places.

With the desire to improve and to be able to solve any issue in time, it would be appreciated if any claim or complaint is made and brought to the attention of the Center during the course and not after its completion.


Academia Puerta Real advises foreign students enrolled in its courses that they at least come with health insurance and, if they wish, another travel assistance insurance. For those participants whose country is a member of the European Union, it is recommended that they come with the EUROPEAN MEDICAL CARD or, failing that, the E-111 FORM.

The center collaborates with different insurance companies and can manage medical and travel insurance with a Spanish company for those students who request it.


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