ELE Student profile

Entry profile

  • Applicants from 14 years of age.
  • Predominantly in an immersion context, face-to-face. However, Academia Puerta Real also offers the possibility of taking the ELE programme online.
  • Interest in the knowledge of the structures of the Spanish language and its updating in specific socio-cultural situations.
  • Interest in the acquisition and development of linguistic skills that will enable students to work in academic and professional environments in the Spanish-speaking world, especially in Spain. For this reason, the profile of our applicants is predominantly, but not exclusively, pre-university and university.
  • It is not essential to have previous knowledge of the Spanish language or Spanish-speaking cultures.

Graduate profile

  • Graduate able to function effectively in Spanish, in accordance with the level studied, in real contexts in both academic (university entrance exams, university entrance) and professional contexts.
  • Competent speaker of Spanish in diverse situations (formal and informal) and varied linguistic registers (colloquial, professional, academic, recreational).
  • A speaker linked to real contexts. Able to understand and interact in Spanish at the level of reading comprehension, oral expression and interaction, listening comprehension and written expression and interaction.
  • Competent in the understanding of linguistic, cultural and pragmatic knowledge of Spanish in the immediate context (Spain), as well as in non-immediate contexts that are part of the wider Spanish-speaking world.
  • Able and motivated to participate in official exams that give an account of their level of linguistic and socio-cultural performance in Spanish, such as SIELE and DELE.
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