The approach of our courses

Our courses have been designed according to a communicative-socio-cultural methodological approach which conceives the teaching-learning process of Spanish as an integral mechanism of interaction and appropriation, of structuring and adaptation. This mechanism links, in real communication contexts, the structural aspects of the language and the linguistic skills of the speakers with the socio-cultural foundations of the environment in which the Spanish language is used.

Through this approach, our programs are action oriented. With this objective in mind, we start from the general competences and needs of the student to promote the learning of Spanish through tasks in which the different skills are worked on individually and/or collaboratively according to the contents of each level. At the same time, we incorporate discursive errors or inaccuracies as formative elements. This implies conceiving the student as the center of the teaching-learning process and the teacher as a facilitator who contributes, with his or her guidance, to outlining the most appropriate route for the learner’s needs.

Thus, during the classes, all language skills (oral expression and interaction, written expression and interaction, reading comprehension and listening comprehension) are worked on. In addition to grammatical content, social and historical aspects of Spanish culture are also taught in order to favor a greater linguistic and cultural immersion. In addition to the classes, activities are carried out outside the classroom so that students can put their knowledge into practice in real situations.

The evaluation is carried out continuously in the classroom and through personal and private monitoring through our platform, considering both constant, formative and summative evaluation in the process. All our courses are designed in accordance with CEFR levels and respond to the cultural, academic and professional communication needs of the contemporary world.

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