Learn some sentences to express your opinion in Spanish

Being able to express our opinion in a foreign language is crucial to achieve an effective and meaningful communication. The Spanish language is known for its richness and diversity. Learning a wide variety of expressions not only improves fluency in a conversation, but also boosts our capacity to share our thoughts and feelings in an authentic way. In this article, you will find different ways to express your opinions confidently and clearly in any conversation.

Some basic expressions in Spanish to express your opinion

An effective communication in Spanish lies behind the ability to express our opinions. This section introduces basic expressions that are fundamental to begin to share our beliefs and thoughts in a clear and respectful way.



Creo que…

Used to express a personal belief.

Pienso que…

Used to express a personal reflection or thought.

Me parece que…

To point that something gives us an impression.

Me gusta…

Expresses preference or affinity.

Me encanta…

Expresses strong affinity or preference.

Desde mi punto de vista…

Used to express opinion from your point of view.

A mi juicio…

To give an opinion based on a personal thought.

En cuanto a mi opinión…

Used to introduce one’s personal opinion about a topic.


Expressions to ask other people’s opinion

A conversation is an exchange of ideas and being able to ask other people’s opinion is as important as express our own opinion. In this section, you will find useful expressions to invite other people to share their thoughts and points of view, which enriches the dialogue and fosters a more inclusive communication.



¿Qué opinas?

Direct question to ask someone’s opinion.

¿Estás de acuerdo?

Used to ask if someone shares our opinion.

¿Tú qué crees?

An invitation to share our beliefs or thoughts about a topic.

¿Cómo lo ves tú?

Ask someone’s perspective or point of view bout a topic.

¿Cuál es tu punto de vista?

Question to know someone’s specific opinion.



Expressions to agree with someone

Encontrar puntos en común y expresar acuerdo es vital para construir relaciones y fomentar la armonía en las conversaciones. Este punto presenta varias maneras de mostrar acuerdo, desde una simple afirmación hasta compartir explícitamente una opinión similar, fortaleciendo así los lazos comunicativos.



Estoy de acuerdo

To say that we share the same opinion.

Tienes razón

To recognise that the other person is right.


Used to express a total agreement.

Así es

Expression to say that we totally agree.

Comparto tu opinion

To show that we agree with the other person.

Expressions to disagree

Expressing disagreement in a polite way can be a powerful tool to learn and understand each other. Here, you will find ways to express contrary opinions without lacking respect, which is fundamental in any constructive dialogue.



No estoy de acuerdo

To disagree.

Estás equivocado

It shows that we believe the other person is wrong.

No lo veo así

To express a different point of view about a topic.

No comparto esa opinion

Used to show disagreement with a specific opinion.

Discrepo en eso

To show disagreement with a specific point.


Expressions to agree and disagree

The complexity of human opinions usually requires both an agreement and a disagreement. These sentences will help you deal with delicate situations, which will allow you to recognise other people’s points of view while you share your own perspective.



Entiendo tu posición, pero…

Used to show understanding and offer a counterpoint.

Estoy un poco de acuerdo, sin embargo…

To show a partial agreement.

Por una parte, por otra parte…

To express contrary points of view in the same argument.

Veo tu punto, aunque…

To recognise the other’s point of view before disagreeing.

Puede ser, pero considero que…

Used to offer a possibility before offering a contrary opinion.



Examples with opinion expressions in Spanish

Conversation 1: Opinions about a movie

A: Creo que la última película de ciencia ficción fue impresionante.

B: Sí, tienes razón. Me encantaron los efectos especiales.

A: Pero, ¿qué opinas del final?

B: Bueno, no estoy de acuerdo con cómo lo manejaron. Me pareció algo predecible.


A: I think the last sci-fi movie was impressive.

B: Yes, you’re right. I loved the special effects.

A: But, what do you think about the ending?

B: Well, I don’t agree with how they handled it. It seemed a bit predictable to me.


Conversation 2: Planning a travel

A: Pienso que sería genial ir a la montaña este fin de semana.

B: Estoy de acuerdo. Me encanta la idea, ¿y si llevamos algo para hacer un picnic?

A: Perfecto, eso suena muy bien.


A: I think it would be great to go to the mountains this weekend.

B: I agree. I love the idea, how about we bring something for a picnic?

A: Perfect, that sounds great.

Conversation 3: Discussing team work

A: Desde mi punto de vista, nuestro equipo necesita mejorar la coordinación.

B: Entiendo tu posición, pero también creo que la comunicación es clave.

A: Es cierto, por una parte la coordinación es fundamental, por otra, una comunicación efectiva puede solucionar muchos problemas.


A: From my point of view, our team needs to improve coordination.

B: I understand your position, but I also think communication is key.

A: That’s true, on one hand coordination is fundamental, on the other hand, effective communication can solve many problems.

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