Legal requirements to obtain a STUDENT VISA



You must have been admitted to an official Spanish school and pay the enrollment fee for the studies you are going to do. Academia Puerta Real has the necessary homologation to apply for your student visa.


Have the financial means to support yourself without working for the duration of your studies (around 600 euros per month).


Not having a criminal record in your country of origin, as well as any contagious disease. In addition, you must take out private medical insurance with a Spanish insurance company.

Rocío Valero, our lawyer specialising in Immigration Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to come to Spain as a student, and once you have finished your studies, you can change your residence permit for studies to a residence and work permit, but to do so, you have to meet a series of requirements:

  • Proof of continuous stay in Spain for at least three years in a residence situation.

  • You must have completed your studies or research work.

  • Not having received a grant or subsidy from public or private organisations.

  • Not have a criminal record in Spain.

  • Have a contract signed by the employer and the worker that is valid for at least one year and is for a full working day.

  • The employer must have the financial means to hire the worker.

  • Possess the training and, where appropriate, the professional qualification legally required for the exercise of the profession.

The student visa is a residence permit that allows non-EU citizens to stay in Spain while they study in public or private educational centres, carry out research in the country or participate in some kind of training.

The student visa will be granted for the duration of the studies in Spain in which you are enrolled.

You can apply for a student visa at the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin. However, you can also apply for an Authorisation to Stay for Studies in Spain if you are entering the country as a tourist.

The most important requirement to apply for the Study Permit from Spain is to COMPLY WITH THE LEGALLY ESTABLISHED DEADLINE. It is very important to submit the application to the corresponding Foreigners’ Office no later than two months after your entry into Spain. That is, when you still have at least one month of legal stay in Spain. If this deadline is not respected, the Office will not accept your application.

  • You must be admitted to a Spanish institution and have paid the enrolment fee for the studies you are going to carry out.
  • Have the financial means to support yourself without working for the duration of your studies (around 600 euros per month).
  • Have private medical insurance and no contagious diseases.
  • Not have a criminal record in your country of origin.
  • In this question we will focus on the immigration-related advantages. The student visa will bring you the following benefits:
  1. You will be able to come accompanied by your family members: Spanish legislation allows the granting of a student visa to a person and at the same time extend this benefit to certain of their family members, who will be able to come as companions for the entire duration of the authorisation to stay for studies, without it being necessary for them to also have to study in Spain.
  2. It will allow you to stay in Spain for a period of more than 90 days, which is the maximum time a tourist can stay in the entire Schengen territory.
  3. The authorisation to stay for study purposes will allow you to travel to other States that are part of the Schengen territory without the need to apply for a tourist visa in these countries.
  4. If you subsequently obtain a residence permit in Spain, 50% of the time you spent with the study visa will be counted for the purposes of obtaining the EU Long-Term Residence in Spain.
  5.  If you hold a residence permit for studies, you can obtain a special work permit for students, which will allow you to carry out economic activities on a part-time basis.
  6. It is possible to change the status of stay for studies to the status of residence and work as an employee or self-employed person.
  • Obtaining a student visa, as well as the student residence permit, are Spanish bureaucratic procedures that require a series of specific requirements, so it is very important that you have good prior and specialised advice before starting to gather the necessary documentation, and that you have the help of a professional to guide you throughout this procedure.

Rocío Valero