Private Spanish classes for groups of at least 4 people

For those who wish to develop their linguistic competence in Spanish and attend to specific learning needs.

Academia Puerta Real offers you a private course for groups designed to develop your competence in Spanish whatever level you have.

Minimum 40 hours

10 or 20 hours per week.

5 classes of 2 or 4 hours from Monday to Friday.

Timetable from 17:00 to 19:00 hours/ OR from 9:00 to 11:00 hours and from 11:30 to 13:30 hours.

Levels A 1- A2 - B1 - B2 - C1

The objective of these classes is to support the student individually in the aspects of the Spanish language that need to be reinforced.


Semi-intensive or intensive mode (classroom and online).

Maximum 20 students.

Price per student: 225€ for 40 hours or the prices corresponding to the ELE objective B1, ELE objective B2, ELE objective C 1 courses.

Reservation fee: 50 euros (to be deducted from the final course fee).

Start date:

Starting date on request at least 2 weeks in advance. *Subject to availability.

More information
  • 10 or 20 hours per week.
  • A textbook and additional learning materials.
  • Continuous assessment
  • Access to the platform for recorded classes, additional teaching material and exercises.
  • Puerta Real Library: free book lending service.
  • Museum admission fees and personal consumption in excursions and extracurricular activities.
  • SIELE exam once the course is finished.
  • Legal advice for obtaining the STUDENT VISA through our specialist immigration lawyer Rocío Valero.

Upon request at least 2 weeks in advance.

* Subject to availability.

Access here. At the end of the test, you will receive a score according to your current level in Spanish.

1. To sign up for this course, it is advisable that you complete the “level test. Likewise, it is essential that you consult our registration procedure and refund  policy.

2. The reservation of the course is only done electronically, so you will have to Access -SIGN UP NOW!Where you must fill in the registration form to be able to pay by credit/debit card.

3. The amount of the reservation is €50, this amount that will be deducted from the final price of the course.

4- For the remaining payment of the course, we offer the following options:

– By Bank transfer:

  • Account number: ES88 0075 3167 8606 0505 1859

In this case, you must send the proof of payment to

– At Academia Puerta Real, by paying in cash, as long as the amount does not exceed €999 or by credit/debit card.

5. Once the reservation form and payment have been received, we will send you a confirmation email, as well as the corresponding receipt.

6. Approximately one week before the start of the course, you will receive a confirmation with the exact schedule of the classes.

7. The remaining amount must be paid at the beginning of the course.

IMPORTANT for students who need STUDENT VISA:
They must have paid the total amount of the course, before their appointment with the corresponding consulate. In this case, Academia Puerta Real will issue the following documentation so that the student can manage its processing:

  • Letter of Invitation
  • Tuition
  • Syllabus
  • Payment letter
  • Acceptance letter
  • If necessary: ​​Certificate of accommodation and/or Certificate of delay.

To do this, students must provide a copy of their current passport.

In the event of a visa refusal, a copy of the original refusal will be required for any refund (see refund policy).

The Academia Puerta Real cancellation conditions are as follows:

  • All course reservation cancellations must be based on fully justified reasons.
  • The notice of cancellation must be received at least 15 days before the start of the course and in writing (e-mail or letter). Academia Puerta Real has to confirm the receipt. The date of receipt will be taken into account and not the date of the sending.
  • All courses will be held on the scheduled dates as long as there is a minimum of four confirmed students. Otherwise, the student will be offered a refund of the amount paid and, if desired, the option to enroll in another course with a different start date and time.
  • In the event of cancellation of the course due to the impossibility of the centre to carry it out or other causes of force majeure, natural catastrophes, physical or personal risk to the student both for the reception of the classes or their travel (cataclysms, state of war, national alarm, etc.) the student will have the right to request a full refund of the amount paid or to change the date of the course.

To see the center rules, access here.

To know more about SIELE services, click here.

To find out about accommodation for foreign students, click here.

To find out about health insurance for foreign students, click here.

To learn more about legal advice and support for foreign students, enter here.

Study Plan and Methodology for INDIVIDUAL CLASSES

Methodology of Spanish classes

During the classes, all linguistic skills are worked on (oral and reading comprehension and oral and written expression). In addition to grammatical content, cultural and historical aspects of Spanish culture are also taught to achieve better linguistic immersion in our country. Apart from the classes, activities are carried out outside the classroom so that students can test their knowledge in real situations.

The evaluation of the students is carried out continuously through the performance of different activities and tests. In addition, the teacher performs a personal and private track through our platform.

Study plan of the Spanish course

In accordance with the objectives set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) with the aim of achieving the learning of Spanish, the study plan is based on achieving a communicative and immersive dynamic, adapting to the needs of our students.

Both didactic material in paper format and other resources in electronic format are used

The use of our platform and the interactive screens that all our classrooms have, allow us to access new technologies in order to innovate in the field of education, its impact on students being very enriching and positive.

Trips and extracurricular activities

Since we believe that to learn a language it is not only important to study grammar, at Academia Puerta Real we promote language learning and cultural immersion through extraordinary activities that are normally carried out outside of the classroom.

– Free activities:

  • Competitive tests to discover the city and put Spanish into practice.
  • Typical breakfast with “churros”. In this case, the student must pay only for the consumption.
  • Tapas day to get to know our gastronomy. This activity is free, in this case the student must pay only for consumption.
  • Movie day (usually once a week). Students will be able to watch films and documentaries in Spanish on the interactive screens of our center in order to learn about Spanish and Latin American culture.
  • World literature day celebration, language exchanges.

– Activities that are not free, although they may be included in some courses:

  • Guided tours of the two most important neighborhoods in Granada: the Albaicín and the Sacromonte. Both were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984.
  • Visit to the Alhambra and Generalife with a Spanish guide.
  • Visit to the museum of the Inquisition.
  • Visit to the Science Park, museum, BioDome and planetarium.

These are our Spanish teachers

At Academia Puerta Real we have a team of professional native teachers who are passionate about teaching. They have many years of experience helping our students to improve their Spanish.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

The teaching staff at Academia Puerta Real are university graduates, native speakers or with an accredited C2 degree in Spanish and have extensive experience as teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

From A1 to C1 (common European framework of reference for language levels). To find out more about what your level is in Spanish, we recommend that you do the “level test”.

Students must be at least 14 years old to enroll in our center.

Although we recommend that you perform the “level test” before signing up, at the beginning of each course the teacher will check if your level is suitable for the course in which you have enrolled.

However, whether the classes are too easy or difficult for you, you can ask your teacher to change groups.

When finished your course at Puerta Real Academy you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. In addition, you can choose to take the SIELE GLOBAL exam at our center or take one of our DELE Preparation courses to take it at one of the official exam centers and certify your level of Spanish.

Go to SIELE Services for more information.

Learn about DELE Preparation courses.

Once the course is finished, you will have access to the platform during the two weeks following the end of the course.

No, our Spanish courses for foreigners do not have additional registration fees.

By enrolling in one of our courses, you will pay a reservation; but this will be deducted from the final price of the course.

10 days before the start of the course, we will contact you via email to inform you of the schedule of your group in the shift previously chosen by you at the time of enrolment.

Yes, but it is essential that to extend your stay you start with the procedures 60 days before your STUDENT VISA expires. For this, you can count on the legal advice of Rocío Valero, our lawyer specializing in immigration, whose services are included in the courses that so indicate.

Academia Puerta Real collaborates with high-quality student residences and professional real estate agencies.

If requested, all the information related to the accommodation will be provided and, if necessary, the contract will be managed with it to issue the corresponding accommodation certificate, if necessary.

Depending on your choice, most of the accommodations offered by the real estate agencies or residences with which we work offer locations close to the location of our center.

Academia Puerta Real is located in the center of Granada, in a situation very well connected by public transport.

Yes, we are in contact with residences that offer shared rooms, as well as the possibility for the real estate offer to rent an apartment. Ideally, in this case, you tell us as soon as possible.

Yes, as long as we can offer you other options.

No, our procedures related to accommodation are solely and exclusively for our students.

No, smoking is not allowed in the rooms or common areas. It is allowed to do it on the balconies / terraces.

Due to the high demand for Spanish courses, the ideal is to enroll at least one month in advance, as long as you do not need a STUDENT VISA in this case, the ideal is to do so three months before.

Yes, Academia Puerta Real will issue the following documentation so that the student can manage its processing:

  • Letter of Invitation
  • Tuition
  • Curriculum
  • Payment letter
  • acceptance letter
  • If necessary: ​​Certificate of accommodation and/or Certificate of delay.

To do this, students must provide a copy of their current passport.

In addition, in the courses that so indicate, legal advice to obtain the STUDENT VISA is included in the price.

Those students who, despite complying with the documentation and other necessary requirements to obtain the student VISA, have been denied it, may request a refund by sending a copy of the letter of refusal.

The amount of the refund will be subtracted from the days that have elapsed since the beginning of the course, period in which the student will be able to receive their classes online.

  • No refunds will be granted to students who do not present the official rejection letter from the embassy or consulate.
  • When a refund is granted, bank charges related to transfers, exchange fees and express mail charges will be deducted from the refundable total due.

For more information access the “Cancellation and refunds policy” of each course.